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Updates (IPA: /ˈəpˌdeɪts/, /əpˈdeɪts/)


Television series


Music album by Anouk


Live album by Marc Secara


Album by Jane Zhang


Album by Mal Waldron

Updates Rhymes

Ates, Aytes, Baits, Bates, Bates', Cates, Crates, Dates, Eight's, Eights, Fates, Frates, Gates, Gates', Gates's, Grates, Great's, Greats, Hates, Kate's, Kates, Mates, Pates, Plaits, Plates, Rate's, Rates, Sates, Scates, Skates, Slates, Spates, Speights, State's, States, States', Straights, Straits, Tate's, Traits, Waite's, Waites, Waits, Weights, Yates, Yeats, Zaitz

Abates, Awaits, Conflates, Creates, Debate's, Debates, Dictates, Equates, Estate's, Estates, Inflates, Kuwait's, Lecates, Misstates, Narrates, Negates, Predates, Relates, Restates, Translates, Updates, Updates

Annotates, Conjugates, Delegates', Interstate's, Procreates

Spanish Translation

Updates in Spanish is Actualizaciones

Example Sentence (Quote)

"In life only three things are certain: death, Adobe updates and taxes. (13 May 2016)" - Trevor Noah

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