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Unbiased (IPA: /ˌənˈbaɪəst/)

Unbiased (a.)

Free from bias or prejudice; unprejudiced; impartial.

Unbiased Synonyms

Unbiassed, Fair, Impartial, Indifferent

Unbiased Synonyms

Unbiassed, Nonpartizan, Nonpartisan

Unbiased Rhymes

Biased, Driest, Griest, Highest, Wiest


Spanish Translation

Unbiased in Spanish is Imparcial

Tagalog Translation

Unbiased in Tagalog is Walang-kinakampihan

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Right now, no sane and unbiased person would be so stupid as to doubt that the North Korean state is very repressive." - Andrei Lankov

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