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Trends (IPA: /ˈtɹɛndz/, /ˈtɹɛnz/)


Series of journals


Short story by Isaac Asimov


Scientific article published on 01 January 1951


Instrument for the description of changes in all sectors of society



Trends Rhymes

Bends, Blends, Ends, Fends, Friend's, Friends, Friends', Lends, Mends, Pends, Rends, Sends, Spends, Tends, Trends, Wends, Ben's, Bens, Benz, Chen's, Cleanse, Dens, Denz, Ennes, Enns, Enz, Frenz, Friend's, Friends', Friends, Gens, Genz, Glenn's, Glens, Grenz, Hen's, Hennes, Hens, Henze, Jenn's, Jens, Ken's, Krenz, Lens, Lenz, Men's, Mens, Menz, Menze, N's, N .'s, N .s, Pen's, Penh's, Penn's, Penns, Pens, Rens, Renz, Sens, Spends, Stenz, Ten's, Tens, Trends, Wenz, When's, Wrens, Yen's, Zens, Zenz

Amends, Arends, Ascends, Attends, Befriends, Commends, Contends, Defends, Depends, Descends, Extends, Intends, Offends, Portends, Pretends, Suspends, Transcends, Contends


Spanish Translation

Trends in Spanish is Tendencias

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