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Transaction (IPA: /tɹænˈzækʃən/)

Transaction (n.)

The doing or performing of any business; management of any affair; performance.

Transaction (n.)

That which is done; an affair; as, the transactions on the exchange.

Transaction (n.)

An adjustment of a dispute between parties by mutual agreement.


Sports-related action in which players are added, removed, or exchanged from a roster


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Transaction Synonyms

Dealings, Dealing

Transaction Rhymes

Action, Faction, Fraction, Traction

Abstraction, Attraction, Classaction, Contraction, Diffraction, Distraction, Exaction, Extraction, Inaction, Infraction, Reaction, Retraction, Subtraction, Telaction, Transaction

Interaction, Liquefaction, Satisfaction

Spanish Translation

Transaction in Spanish is Transacción

Tagalog Translation

Transaction in Tagalog is Transaksiyon

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Harold, the young kids out there are not going to be willing to go to the barricades in defense of lowered transaction costs." - Murray Rothbard

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Whether a transaction be fair or fraudulent is often a question of law: it is the judgment of law upon facts and intents." - Trade

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