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Tracing (IPA: /ˈtɹeɪsɪŋ/)

Tracing (n.)

The act of one who traces; especially, the act of copying by marking on thin paper, or other transparent substance, the lines of a pattern placed beneath; also, the copy thus producted.

Tracing (n.)

A regular path or track; a course.


Debugging technique

Tracing Synonyms


Tracing Rhymes

Basing, Bracing, Casing, Chasing, Facing, Lacing, Pacing, Pasing, Placing, Racing, Spacing, Tracing

Abasing, Debasing, Defacing, Displacing, Effacing, Embracing, Erasing, Replacing, Retracing

Spanish Translation

Tracing in Spanish is Rastreo

Tagalog Translation

Tracing in Tagalog is Sagunson

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Resisting the slow touch of a frozen finger tracing out my spine." - Charles Dickens

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