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Tools (IPA: /ˈtuɫz/)


Painting by James McLaughlin


1629th strip of the webcomic xkcd


Family name


Drawing in the National Gallery of Art (NGA 25898)


Physical item that can be used to achieve a goal

TOOLS (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Total Operating On-Line System

TOOLS (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Technology Object-Oriented Languages and Systems

Tools Rhymes

Cools, Fool's, Fools, Joules, Jules, Mules, Pool's, Pools, Rule's, Rules, School's, Schools, Schools', Soules, Spools, Stools, Tools, Uhls

Baiul's, Drogoul's, Dromgooles, Mavroules, Preschools, Rauls

Tools (Last Name / Surname)

Tools is the #156,044 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 104 people had that surname.

Spanish Translation

Tools in Spanish is Herramientas

Tagalog Translation

Tools in Tagalog is Kasangkapan

Example Sentence (Quote)

": And it goes against the grain of building small tools. Innocent, Your Honor. Perl users build small tools all day long." - Larry Wall

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Better find some more tools for this job, Gromit." - Wallace and Gromit

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Books are the tools of both teacher and pupil." - Books

Example Sentence (Quote)

" During the years that followed, Hitler and the Nazi movement were anything but the tools of German big business." - Richard Overy

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Handle your tools without mittens." - Work

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