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Thematic (IPA: /θiˈmætɪk/)

Thematic (a.)

Of or pertaining to the theme of a word. See Theme, n., 4.

Thematic (n.)

Of or pertaining to a theme, or subject.



Thematic Synonyms

Content, Subject Matter, Substance, Message

Thematic Synonyms

Strain, Melody, Air, Melodic Line, Line, Tune, Melodic Phrase

Thematic Rhymes

Attic, Matic, Mattick, Static

Aquatic, Asthmatic, Climatic, Dogmatic, Dramatic, Ecstatic, Emphatic, Erratic, Fanatic, Hepatic, Lymphatic, Phosphatic, Pneumatic, Pragmatic, Prismatic, Prostatic, Rheumatic, Schematic, Socratic, Thematic, Traumatic

Acrobatic, Adriatic, Aerobatic, Aromatic, Asiatic, Autocratic, Automatic, Bureaucratic, Charismatic, Cinematic, Democratic, Diplomatic, Emblematic, Enigmatic, Enzymatic, Hanseatic, Hippocratic, Informatic, Mathematic, Numismatic, Operatic, Pancreatic, Posttraumatic, Problematic, Programmatic, Sensormatic, Symptomatic, Systematic, Technocratic, Telematic, Theocratic
Aristocratic, Asymptomatic, Axiomatic, Diagrammatic, Electrostatic, Homeostatic, Idiomatic, Melodramatic, Monochromatic, Psychosomatic, Undemocratic, Undiplomatic

Spanish Translation

Thematic in Spanish is Temático

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