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Tending (IPA: /ˈtɛndɪŋ/)

Tending (p. pr. & vb. n.)

of Tend

Tending Synonyms

Given, Inclined, Minded, Disposed, Apt

Tending Synonyms

Aid, Care, Attention

Tending Rhymes

Bending, Blending, Ending, Fending, Lending, Mending, Pending, Rending, Sending, Spending, Tending, Trending, Vending, Wending

Amending, Ascending, Attending, Commending, Contending, Defending, Depending, Descending, Expending, Extending, Impending, Intending, Misspending, Offending, Portending, Pretending, Relending, Suspending, Transcending, Unbending, Unending

Apprehending, Comprehending, Condescending, Recommending

Tagalog Translation

Tending in Tagalog is Nagkakahilig

Example Sentence (Quote)

"3 tending to 4 N6n" - 13-Oct

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Thoughts tending to content, flatter themselves That they are not the first of fortune's slaves, Nor shall not be the last." - Richard II (play)

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