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Supplies (IPA: /səˈpɫaɪz/)

Supplies (pl. )

of Supply


2018 song by Justin Timberlake

Supplies Rhymes

Ais, Ayes, Bies, Bise, Buy's, Buys, Chi's, Cries, Crise, Di's, Dies, Dise, Dries, Dyes, Eis, Eye's, Eyes, Eyes', Flies, Fries, Fry's, Geis, Gries, Grise, Guise, Guy's, Guys, Guys', Highs, Hise, I's, I .'s, I .s, Ise, Kise, Kleis, Knies, Krise, Kyes, Lies, Lise, Mies, Mize, Nies, Nuys, Pies, Plies, Pries, Prize, Ries, Rise, Schleis, Shies, Sighs, Size, Skies, Sky's, Spies, Thai's, Thais, Theis, Thighs, Ties, Tries, Tsai's, Vies, Why's, Whys, Wies, Wise, Wyse, Y's, Y .'s

Advise, Allies, Ally's, Applies, Apprise, Arise, Baptize, Belies, Chastise, Complies, Comprise, Decries, Deffeyes, Defies, Demise, Denies, Despise, Devise, Disguise, Emprise, Goodbyes, Implies, Incise, Julies, July's, Marseilles, Mcfly's, Mihai's, Pint-size, Relies, Replies, Reprise, Revise, Shanghai's, Supplies, Supply's, Surmise, Surprise, Unties, Unwise, Upsize, Vanhise

Duis, Improvise, Oversize, Underlies

Decriminalize, Sensationalize

Spanish Translation

Supplies in Spanish is Suministros

Example Sentence (Quote)

"I collect power supplies like other men collect meaningful relationships! THAT IS TO SAY, AT THE RATE OF ABOUT ONE A YEAR" - Ryan North

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The Businessman is one who supplies something great and good to the world, and collects from the world for the goods." - Business

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