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Suitable (IPA: /ˈsutəbəɫ/)

Suitable (a.)

Capable of suiting; fitting; accordant; proper; becoming; agreeable; adapted; as, ornaments suitable to one's station; language suitable for the subject.

Suitable Synonyms

Fit, Suited, Appropriate

Suitable Synonyms

Worthy, Eligible, Desirable

Suitable Synonyms

Appropriate, Proper, Suited, Right

Suitable Rhymes


Immutable, Inscrutable, Unsuitable
Indisputable, Irrefutable

Spanish Translation

Suitable in Spanish is Adecuado

Tagalog Translation

Suitable in Tagalog is Angkop

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Cryonics might be a suitable subject for scientific research, but marketing an unproven method to the public is quackery." - Cryonics

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