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Stunning (IPA: /ˈstənɪŋ/)

Stunning (p. pr. & vb. n.)

of Stun

Stunning (a.)

Overpowering consciousness; overpowering the senses; especially, overpowering the sense of hearing; confounding with noise.

Stunning (a.)

Striking or overpowering with astonishment, especially on account of excellence; as, stunning poetry.

Stunning Synonyms

Arresting, Sensational, Impressive

Stunning Synonyms


Stunning Synonyms


Stunning Synonyms


Stunning Rhymes

Bunning, Cunning, Dunning, Gunning, Running, Shunning, Stunning, Sunning


Spanish Translation

Stunning in Spanish is Maravilloso

Tagalog Translation

Stunning in Tagalog is Nakakasindak

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