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Strengthen (IPA: /ˈstɹɛŋθən/)

Strengthen (v. t.)

To make strong or stronger; to add strength to; as, to strengthen a limb, a bridge, an army; to strengthen an obligation; to strengthen authority.

Strengthen (v. t.)

To animate; to encourage; to fix in resolution.

Strengthen (v. i.)

To grow strong or stronger.

Strengthen Synonyms

Fortify, Beef Up

Strengthen Synonyms

Tone Up, Tone

Strengthen Rhymes

Lengthen, Strengthen

Spanish Translation

Strengthen in Spanish is Fortalecer

Tagalog Translation

Strengthen in Tagalog is Palakasin

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A man needs a friend not to flatter him, but to strengthen him at his weak points." - E. W. Howe

Example Sentence (Quote)

" How to use my imagination so as to strengthen me instead of making me weak." - Frank Crane

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Replace (Taiwan) independence with gradual unification, strengthen China and work towards unification." - Ma Ho-ling

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The purchase of any item which helps strengthen Zionism is not permissible." - Ali Khamenei

Example Sentence (Quote)

" This tragedy would only strengthen the determination of the democratic world to defeat this perverse evil" - 2016 Nice attack

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