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Slips (IPA: /ˈsɫɪps/)


Mountain in New Zealand


Liquid mixture or slurry of clay and/or other materials suspended in water


Dislocation motion mechanism


Relative motion between a tire and the road surface it is moving on


Woman's undergarment worn beneath a dress or skirt

Slips Rhymes

Blips, Chip's, Chipps, Chips, Clips, Cripps, Crips, Dips, Dripps, Drips, Fipps, Flips, Grips, Hipps, Hips, Kippes, Lipps, Lips, Lips', Mips, Nips, Phipps, Pips, Quips, Rips, Scripp's, Scripps, Scripts, Ship's, Shipp's, Shipps, Ships, Ships', Sips, Skips, Slips, Snips, Strip's, Strips, Thrips, Tipps, Tips, Trip's, Trips, Whipps, Whips, Zips

Eclipse, Ellipse, Equips, Outstrips


Spanish Translation

Slips in Spanish is Resbalones

Tagalog Translation

Slips in Tagalog is Madulas

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Not all Freudian slips are created equal." - Rachel Maddow

Example Sentence (Quote)

"Oh? She just asked, What does a chef who slips on a duck and Kagutsuchi's seithr have in common?"" - BlazBlue

Example Sentence (Quote)

" See how easily our technologies turn on us? The more power you think you have, the more quickly it slips from your grasp." - Deus Ex

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Who are you? Who slips into my robot body and whispers to my ghost?" - Ghost in the Shell (film)

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