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Served (IPA: /ˈsɝvd/)

Served (imp. & p. p.)

of Serve

Served Rhymes

Curved, Served, Swerved

Conserved, Deserved, Observed, Preserved, Reserved, Unnerved

Underserved, Undeserved, Unpreserved

Spanish Translation

Served in Spanish is Servido

Tagalog Translation

Served in Tagalog is Naglingkod

Example Sentence (Quote)

" All of us who served in one war or another know very well that all wars are the glory and the agony of the young." - War

Example Sentence (Quote)

"As the idealism of our youth has served world peace, so can it serve the domestic tranquility." - John F. Kennedy

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Conscience is better served by a myth." - John Kenneth Galbraith

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Everyone knows that gays have served honorably in the military since at least the time of Julius Caesar." - United States Armed Forces

Example Sentence (Quote)

" God curse Moawiyah. If I had served God so well as I have served him, he would never have damned me to all eternity." - Service

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