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Selected (IPA: /səˈɫɛktɪd/)

Selected (imp. & p. p.)

of Select


Compilation album by Recoil

Selected Synonyms

Designated, Elite, Chosen, Hand-picked, Elect

Selected Rhymes

Affected, Collected, Connected, Corrected, Defected, Deflected, Dejected, Detected, Directed, Dissected, Effected, Ejected, Elected, Erected, Expected, Infected, Inflected, Injected, Inspected, Neglected, Objected, Perfected, Projected, Protected, Reflected, Rejected, Respected, Selected, Subjected, Suspected

Disaffected, Disconnected, Disrespected, Interjected, Intersected, Misdirected, Recollected, Reconnected, Redirected, Reelected, Resurrected, Unaffected, Uncollected, Unconnected, Uncorrected, Undetected, Unelected, Unexpected, Uninfected, Unprotected, Unsuspected

Spanish Translation

Selected in Spanish is Seleccionado

Tagalog Translation

Selected in Tagalog is Namili

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Delmore Schwartz, in I am a Book I neither Wrote nor Read in Selected Poems: Summer Knowledge (1959)" - Love

Example Sentence (Quote)

" First Quote of the Day at Wikiquote, selected by Nanobug" - 11-Jul

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Georges Bataille Visions of Excess Selected Writings 1927-1939 p .21-22" - Feet

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Kalki Krishnamurthy, in Sivakozhundu of Tiruvazhundur as translated in Kalki: Selected Stories (1999)" - Death

Example Sentence (Quote)

" quote in: Fremont A. Shull (ed.), Selected readings in management, , 1957. p. 7-8" - C. West Churchman

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