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Seen (IPA: /ˈsin/)

Seen (p. p.)

of See

Seen ()

p. p. of See.

Seen (a.)

Versed; skilled; accomplished.


American graffiti artist


District of the City of Winterthur, Switzerland


Album by International Observer


Family name

SEEN (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Sociedad Españ ;ola de Endocrinologí;a y Nutrició;n

SEEN (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Statewide Extension Education Network

Seen Rhymes

Bean, Beane, Beene, Bein, Beine, Biehn, Bien, Blouin, Brean, Breen, Cheane, Cian, Clean, Crean, Dean, Deane, Deen, Drouin, Fiene, Frean, Freen, Gean, Gene, Gheen, Glean, Gouin, Green, Greene, Haen, Jean, Jeane, Jeanne, Kean, Keane, Keehn, Keen, Keene, Kiehn, Kiehne, Kiene, Kleen, Lean, Leen, Lein, Lene, Lien, Mean, Mein, Meine, Mien, Nein, Nene, Peine, Plein, Preen, Prien, Queen, Reen, Scene, Screen, Seen, Shean, Sheen, Skeen, Skene, Spleen, Spreen, Steen, Stene, Sween, Teen, Thien, Treen, Veen, Vien, Wean, Wein, Wien, Xene

Agin, Aileen, Aldin, Aleen, Alene, Ameen, Amin, Ammeen, Andreen, Ardeen, Arleen, Baleen, Beaubien, Beauchene, Benzene, Between, Brackeen, Bradeen, Burdine, Burkeen, Caffeine, Canteen, Cantin, Careen, Carleen, Casein, Cashion, Casteen, Cathleen, Celine, Charleen, Charlene, Charline, Chasteen, Chretien, Christine, Citrine, Claudine, Clymene, Coffeen, Coleen, Colleen, Convene, Corinne, Cortine, Crimean, Cuisine, Cunneen, D'alene, Dejean, Demean, Deneen, Derouin, Dineen, Dinneen, Doreen, Dufrene, Eighteen, Eileen, Eugene, Feldene, Fifteen, Filene, Foltene, Foreseen, Fourteen, Francine, Gallien, Geneen, Georgine, Glasheen, Glavine, Godine, Goheen, Grosjean, Guertin, Helene, Hunchine, Igene, Ireene, Irene, Janine, Jeanine, Joaquin, Jolene, Justine, Kathleen, Katyn, Killeen, Kristine, Lamine, Latrine, Laureen, Laurene, Ledeen, Levine, Limine, Lorene, Lurleen, Machine, Macqueen, Marcin, Marean, Marine, Marleen, Marleene, Martine, Maureen, Maxine, Mcbean, Mcbreen, Mcclean, Mckean, Mckeen, Mclean, Mcmeen, Mcqueen, Mcsween, Medin, Modine, Moline, Moquin, Moreen, Mulqueen, Muntean, Myrlene, Nadine, Nathene, Navin, Nineteen, Nordeen, Noreen, Nuveen, O'steen, Obscene, Olean, Onscreen, Oquin, Oquinn, Papin, Pasion, Pauline, Philene, Pilgreen, Prejean, Preteen, Rabin, Rabine, Racine, Ravine, Sabine, Salin, Saline, Sardine, Sarene, Seguin, Selene, Serene, Shaheen, Sharleen, Shasteen, Shirleen, Sistine, Sixteen, Slovene, St_jean, Sunscreen, Thirteen, Tigrean, Umpteen, Unclean, Unseen, Vaccine, Vaguine, Vanveen, Varin, Vidrine, Voisine, Wileen

Arreguin, Augustin, Benyamin, Bernadine, Circumvene, Doralin, Etheljean, Figurine, Gelatine, Geraldine, Hallowe'en, Halloween, Huguenin, Intervene, Kathalene, Lopatin, Madelene, Marroquin, Ocain, Peloquin, Phillipine, Poliquin, Propylene, Reconvene, Sarazin, Seventeen, Smithereen, Submachine, Submarine, Tambourine, Tangerine, Trampoline, Unforeseen, Valentin, Wolverine

Aquamarine, Mujahedeen, Mujahideen, Nitrosomine

Seen (Last Name / Surname)

Seen is the #142,108 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 117 people had that surname.

Spanish Translation

Seen in Spanish is Visto

Tagalog Translation

Seen in Tagalog is Kita

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "I've never seen Death actually at work ." Not many have ," said Albert. Not twice, at any rate ."" - Discworld

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "Why do they believe that ?" Because we are hackers ," Csongor said, and they have seen movies ."" - Neal Stephenson

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (About Sonja's Pendent being open) I've seen this before, when I was a child. I've held it. When it was open like this." - Underworld: Evolution

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (as the Gammas leave) Now that's the first time I've seen the trash take itself out." - An Extremely Goofy Movie

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (talking about The Lord Of The Dance) Have you seen that show? If you have, GET OUT! Get the hell out of my show right now!" - Denis Leary

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