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Requisite (IPA: /ˈɹɛkwəzət/)

Requisite (n.)

That which is required, or is necessary; something indispensable.

Requisite (a.)

Required by the nature of things, or by circumstances; so needful that it can not be dispensed with; necessary; indispensable.

Requisite Synonyms

Needful, Needed, Required, Necessary

Requisite Synonyms

Necessary, Necessity, Essential, Requirement

Requisite Rhymes



Spanish Translation

Requisite in Spanish is Requisito

Tagalog Translation

Requisite in Tagalog is Kailangan

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Method is not less requisite in ordinary conversation than in writing, provided a man would talk to make himself understood." - Conversation

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings." - Samuel Johnson

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The first requisite is knowledge, full and complete which may be made public to the world." - Completeness

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