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Requests (IPA: /ɹiˈkwɛs/, /ɹiˈkwɛsts/, /ɹɪˈkwɛs/, /ɹɪˈkwɛsts/)


Software library for HTTP connection in Python


Act of asking politely or formally for something


Album by The Awakening


Album by Juju


Album of Māya Sakamoto

Requests Rhymes

Best's, Bests, Breasts, Chests, Crests, Fests, Guest's, Guests, Guests' Jests, Nests, Pests, Quests, Rests, Test's, Testes, Tests, Tests', Vests, West's, Crests, Fests, Guests', Guests, Bess, Besse, Bless, Bress, Bresse, Ches, Chess, Cress, Crests, Dress, Es, Ess, Esse, Fess, Fests, Gess, Gless, Gress, Guess, Guests', Guests, Hess, Hesse, Jess, Kess, Kless, Kness, Kress, Kresse, Les, Less, Mess, Nes, Ness, Pesce, Pless, Press, Press', Presse, Ques, Ress, S, S., Stress, Tess, Tress, Vess, Wes, Yes

Arrests, Attests, Bequests, Contests, Digests, Divests, Infests, Invests, Midwest's, Molests, Natwest's, Northwest's, Norwest's, Protests, Requests, Retests, Southwest's, Suggests, Attests, Bequests, Contests, Digests, Divests, Infests, Invests, Molests, Protests, Requests, Retests, Suggests, Address, Aggress, Assess, Attests, Bequests, Caress, Compress, Confess, Contests, Depress, Digests, Digress, Distress, Divests, Egress, Ellesse, Etess, Excess, Express, Express', Finesse, Fluoresce, Forbess, Fs, Impress, Infests, Invests, L'express, Largesse, Ls, Lutece, Lyness, Molests, Noblesse, Obsess, Oppress, Possess, Profess, Progress, Protests, Recess, Redress, Regress, Repress, Requests, Retests, Siese, Simplesse, Success, Suggests, Suppress, Transgress, Ts, Undress, Unless, Us, Vs

Reinvests, Reinvests, Abs, Acquiesce, Ccs, Coalesce, Convalesce, Cps, Cus, Dispossess, Dss, Ers, Ins, Las, Lcs, Nonetheless, Oas, Pos, Reassess, Reinvests, Repossess, Uss, Uys

Abts, Adss, Cmos, Hces, Kjos, Nevertheless, Stds, Tcas, Ws

Spanish Translation

Requests in Spanish is Peticiones

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (Saying goodbye to Shiki, after she requests they meet up in the RG) Heh. It's a date." - The World Ends with You

Example Sentence (Quote)

"I don't think MTV would let us play that. (After an audience member requests Rape Me .")" - Kurt Cobain

Example Sentence (Quote)

" I've been waiting for that! (After an audience member requests Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd.)" - Kurt Cobain

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