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Remarked (IPA: /ɹiˈmɑɹkt/, /ɹɪˈmɑɹkt/)

Remarked (imp. & p. p.)

of Remark

Remarked Rhymes

Arced, Barked, Marked, Parked, Sparked

Embarked, Remarked, Unmarked


Spanish Translation

Remarked in Spanish is Remarcó

Example Sentence (Quote)

"It is to be remarked that a good many people are born curiously unfitted for the fate awaiting them on this earth." - Joseph Conrad

Example Sentence (Quote)

"It is truly remarked that all the particular instances of contempts it would be endless to enumerate." - Contempt of court

Example Sentence (Quote)

"It was Mr. Littlewood (I believe) who remarked that every positive integer was one of his personal friends."" - John Edensor Littlewood

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