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Relieved (IPA: /ɹiˈɫivd/, /ɹɪˈɫivd/)

Relieved (imp. & p. p.)

of Relieve

Relieved Synonyms

Eased, Mitigated, Alleviated

Relieved Rhymes

Grieved, Heaved, Leaved, Peeved, Sleeved, Weaved

Achieved, Aggrieved, Believed, Bereaved, Conceived, Deceived, Perceived, Received, Relieved, Retrieved

Misconceived, Preconceived, Unrelieved

Spanish Translation

Relieved in Spanish is Aliviado

Tagalog Translation

Relieved in Tagalog is Nagpaginhawa

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Equity has not relieved against gross improvidence." - Equity

Example Sentence (Quote)

" She was mostly immensely relieved to think that virtually everything that anybody had ever told her was wrong." - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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