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Rejects (IPA: /ˈɹidʒɛks/, /ˈɹidʒɛkts/, /ɹɪˈdʒɛks/, /ɹɪˈdʒɛkts/)


Extended play by Anti-Flag


Punk band from Indonesia

Rejects Rhymes

Hecht's, Sect's, Sects, Wecht's, Beck's, Becks, Blech's, Checks, Czechs, Dec's, Decks, Dex, Eckes, Ex, Flecks, Flex, Heck's, Hex, Jex, Lex, Meckes, Mex, Necks, Next, Peck's, Pecks, Plex, Rex, Sex, Sheck's, Shek's, Specks, Specs, Tech's, Techs, Teck's, Tex, Treks, Vex, Wrecks, X, X.

Affects, Collects, Connects, Corrects, Defects, Deflects, Detects, Directs, Dissects, Effects, Ejects, Elect's, Elects, Erects, Expects, Infects, Injects, Inspects, Neglects, Objects, Projects, Protects, Reflects, Rejects, Respects, Selects, Subjects, Suspect's, Suspects, Rejects, Annex, Caltex, Cmx, Complex, Convex, Dissects, Effects, Execs, Expects, Nobec's, Objects, Onex, Perplex, Projects, Quebec's, Reflects, Rejects, Respects, Suspects, Wall-tex, Rejects

Disrespects, Interjects, Intersects, Recollects, Reconnects, Atx, Govpx, Intersects, Megaplex

Spanish Translation

Rejects in Spanish is Rechaza

Tagalog Translation

Rejects in Tagalog is Magtapon

Example Sentence (Quote)

" [After Neera rejects him] Oh, great. This day just keeps getting better and better." - Planet 51

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A land that rejects the truth, barricades itself against change and lacks the spirit of freedom is hopeless." - Ai Weiwei

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Give all thou canst; high Heaven rejects the lore Of nicely calculated less or more." - Gifts

Example Sentence (Quote)

"He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery." - Change

Example Sentence (Quote)

" One rejects as un-German and impossible the Bolshevist method of physical extermination of a people." - Heinrich Himmler

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