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Regained (IPA: /ɹiˈɡeɪnd/)

Regained Rhymes

Brained, Caned, Chained, Craned, Drained, Feigned, Gained, Grained, Maned, Pained, Planed, Rained, Reigned, Reined, Sprained, Stained, Strained, Trained, Veined, Waned

Abstained, Arraigned, Attained, Campaigned, Complained, Constrained, Contained, Detained, Disdained, Explained, Ingrained, Maintained, Obtained, Ordained, Pertained, Refrained, Regained, Remained, Restrained, Retained, Retrained, Sustained, Unstained, Untrained

Ascertained, Entertained, Preordained, Self-contained, Unconstrained, Unexplained, Unrestrained

Tagalog Translation

Regained in Tagalog is Nabawi

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A lot of my stories end with And when I regained consciousness, there was a crowd standing around looking at me."" - James Nicoll

Example Sentence (Quote)

"By surpassing writing, we have regained our wholeness, not on a national or cultural but cosmic plane." - Marshall McLuhan

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The name of freedom regained is sweet to hear." - Livy

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