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Refuses (IPA: /ɹəfˈjuzəz/, /ɹɪfˈjuzɪz/)

Refuses Rhymes

Bruises, Chooses, Cruises, Cruz's, Fuses, Fuzes, Guses, Hughes's, Loses, Muses, News's, Oozes, Ruses, Sousa's, Souzas, Uses

Abuses, Accuses, Amuses, Confuses, Diffuses, Excuses, Infuses, Mahfouz's, Misuses, Refuses, Reuses


Spanish Translation

Refuses in Spanish is Se Niega

Tagalog Translation

Refuses in Tagalog is Ayaw

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A wise man never refuses anything to necessity." - Necessity

Example Sentence (Quote)

" America's first black president cannot and will not be succeeded by a hatemonger who refuses to condemn the KKK." - Bernie Sanders

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Don't criticise my country for dealing with the reality of the migrant crisis that Brussels refuses to face" - Gjorge Ivanov

Example Sentence (Quote)

"He who refuses nothing... will soon have nothing to refuse." - Martial

Example Sentence (Quote)

"I don't see how this is my fault. You're the one who refuses to call me Pink." - The World Ends with You

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