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Reflecting (IPA: /ɹɪˈfɫɛktɪŋ/)

Reflecting (p. pr. & vb. n.)

of Reflect

Reflecting (a.)

Throwing back light, heat, etc., as a mirror or other surface.

Reflecting (a.)

Given to reflection or serious consideration; reflective; contemplative; as, a reflecting mind.

Reflecting Synonyms


Reflecting Rhymes

Affecting, Collecting, Connecting, Correcting, Defecting, Deflecting, Detecting, Directing, Dissecting, Effecting, Electing, Erecting, Expecting, Infecting, Injecting, Inspecting, Neglecting, Objecting, Perfecting, Projecting, Prospecting, Protecting, Reflecting, Rejecting, Respecting, Selecting, Subjecting, Suspecting

Disconnecting, Disrespecting, Intersecting, Recollecting, Reconnecting, Redirecting, Reelecting, Resurrecting, Unsuspecting

Spanish Translation

Reflecting in Spanish is Reflejando

Tagalog Translation

Reflecting in Tagalog is Nanganganinang

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Barrett reflecting on the 2007 Chicago Cubs season" - Michael Barrett

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The mind is a metaphor of the world of objects which is itself but an endless circle of mutually reflecting metaphors." - Pierre Bourdieu

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