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Psychology (IPA: /saɪˈkɑɫədʒi/)

Psychology (n.)

The science of the human soul; specifically, the systematic or scientific knowledge of the powers and functions of the human soul, so far as they are known by consciousness; a treatise on the human soul.


Science that studies mental, behavioral and relational processes, both normal and pathological


2005 album by Chris Staples (Discover America)


1920 short story by Katherine Mansfield


Scientific article published in the British Medical Journal


Scientific article published in Nature

Psychology Synonyms

Psychological Science

Psychology Rhymes

Anthology, Apology, Astrology, Biology, Chronology, Cytology, Doxology, Ecology, Ethnology, Ethology, Geology, Graphology, Histology, Hymnology, Limnology, Morphology, Mycology, Mythology, Neurology, Oncology, Ontology, Otology, Pathology, Penology, Petrology, Pomology, Psychology, Seismology, Serology, Theology, Urology, Virology, Zoology
Anthropology, Archaeology, Archeology, Cardiology, Cosmetology, Criminology, Dermatology, Egyptology, Embryology, Entomology, Etiology, Etymology, Genealogy, Gerontology, Gynecology, Ideology, Immunology, Methodology, Mineralogy, Numerology, Ophthalmology, Ornithology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Radiology, Rheumatology, Scientology, Sociology, Terminology, Toxicology, Transtechnology

Spanish Translation

Psychology in Spanish is Psicología

Tagalog Translation

Psychology in Tagalog is Psikolohiya

Example Sentence (Quote)

" [Modern psychology] appears as the sickly offspring of average common sense when it is taken as what it professes to be"”a science of the inner life. The entire achievements of the so-called science in this respect is outweighed by a single page of Goethe's or of Jean Paul's psychology; and it is impossible to evade the bitter truth which Novalis already has summed up, when he says that so-called psychology is one of those idols which have usurped the place in the sanctuary where true images of the gods should stand." - Psychology

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A fully developed psychology will not exist until reincarnation is accepted as a fact." - Reincarnation

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Alfred W. McCoy, as quoted by Klein, N., The Shock Doctrine , p. 41, Metropolitan Books, New York, 2007" - Psychology

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Cancer has the biopsy, kidney disease has the urine test, and HIV has the cheek swab, yet diagnosis for mental illness is often nothing more than a survey or a conversation with a psychiatrist." - Psychology

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Despite the burgeoning technologies in the field of helping , on many levels psychotherapy is still a crapshoot. Some of the goal of training, I think, is to help students accept that fact. The work is part science, part art, and part luck. Learning to tolerate the anxiety inherent in that recipe is critical for any clinician." - Psychology

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