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Psychological (IPA: /ˌsaɪkəˈɫɑdʒɪkəɫ/)

Psychological (a.)

Of or pertaining to psychology. See Note under Psychic.

Psychological Synonyms


Psychological Synonyms

Scientific Discipline, Science

Psychological Rhymes


Illogical, Zoological
Astrological, Biological, Chronological, Ecological, Geological, Morphological, Mythological, Neurological, Ontological, Pathological, Pedagogical, Phonological, Psychological, Technological, Theological, Virological

Spanish Translation

Psychological in Spanish is Psicológico

Tagalog Translation

Psychological in Tagalog is Pangkaisipan

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Belief in God is apparently a psychological artifact of mammalian reproduction." - Arthur C. Clarke

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Can the mind resolve a psychological problem immediately?" - Jiddu Krishnamurti

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Every mode of technology is a reflex of our most intimate psychological experience. (p. 171)" - Marshall McLuhan

Example Sentence (Quote)

" It's a psychological onslaught, an economic one, a diplomatic one, a military onslaught a total onslaught." - P. W. Botha

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Perl did not get where it is by ignoring psychological factors." - Larry Wall

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