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Possible (IPA: /ˈpɑsəbəɫ/)

Possible (a.)

Capable of existing or occurring, or of being conceived or thought of; able to happen; capable of being done; not contrary to the nature of things; -- sometimes used to express extreme improbability; barely able to be, or to come to pass; as, possibly he is honest, as it is possible that Judas meant no wrong.


Italian political party

Possible Synonyms

Come-at-able, Attainable, Workable, Conceivable, Thinkable, Practical, Executable, Doable, Accomplishable, Achievable, Manageable, Realizable, Affirmable, Contingent, Mathematical, Assertable, Feasible, Likely, Practicable, Realistic, Viable

Possible Synonyms

Thinkable, Conceivable, Imaginable

Possible Synonyms

Latent, Potential

Possible Rhymes

Possible, Rosabelle


Spanish Translation

Possible in Spanish is Posible

Tagalog Translation

Possible in Tagalog is Ari

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (Original Japanese) Im possible It can't be I'm invincible ...!" - Fictional last words in animated television series

Example Sentence (Quote)

".. .according to the belief of the Digambaras, only men can get salvation, this is not possible to the other sexes. P .240," - Salvation

Example Sentence (Quote)

".. .it's not possible for a Muslim to commit genocide" - Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan

Example Sentence (Quote)

"/* we have tried to make this normal case as abnormal as possible */" - Larry Wall

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A fixed point of view becomes possible with print and ends the image as a plastic organism. (p. 144)" - Marshall McLuhan

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