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Playing (IPA: /ˈpɫeɪɪŋ/)

Playing (p. pr. & vb. n.)

of Play

Playing ()

a. & vb. n. of Play.


1980 album by Old and New Dreams


Painting by Kjeld Hansen

Playing Synonyms

Performin, Playacting, Acting

Playing Rhymes

Baying, Fraying, Graying, Haying, Heying, Laying, Paying, Playing, Praying, Preying, Saying, Slaying, Spraying, Staying, Straying, Swaying, Weighing

Allaying, Betraying, Buffeting, Conveying, Crocheting, Decaying, Delaying, Dismaying, Displaying, Doomsaying, Nonpaying, Obeying, Portraying, Prepaying, Repaying, Replaying, Surveying

Disobeying, Overplaying

Spanish Translation

Playing in Spanish is Jugando

Tagalog Translation

Playing in Tagalog is Naglalaro

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (While playing solitaire and sipping cognac) It's all a lot of crap. The game is up." - Ernst Kaltenbrunner

Example Sentence (Quote)

" [Jerry Krause] said organizations win championships. I said, I didn't see organizations playing with the flu in Utah."" - Michael Jordan

Example Sentence (Quote)

" [when interrupted by Gru when playing with toilet paper; points to Jerry the Minion] It was your cousin's idea." - Despicable Me

Example Sentence (Quote)

"Ah wonder if anybody this side of the Atlantic has ever bought a baseball bat with playing baseball in mind." - Irvine Welsh

Example Sentence (Quote)

" And here's me, playing the world's tiniest violin." - The World Ends with You

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