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Photographic (IPA: /ˌfoʊtəˈɡɹæfɪk/)

Photographic (a.)

Alt. of Photographical


Depeche Mode song

Photographic Synonyms


Photographic Synonyms

Pictorial Representation, Picturing

Photographic Rhymes

Graphic, Rafik, Traffic

Calligraphic, Compugraphic, Demographic, Epigraphic, Ethnographic, Geographic, Holographic, Hydrographic, Lithographic, Logographic, Micrographic, Orographic, Photographic, Pornographic, Reprographic, Stenographic, Stratigraphic, Summagraphic, Topographic
Choreographic, Oceanographic, Stereographic

Spanish Translation

Photographic in Spanish is Fotográfico

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