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Performer (IPA: /pɝˈfɔɹmɝ/)

Performer (n.)

One who performs, accomplishes, or fulfills; as, a good promiser, but a bad performer; especially, one who shows skill and training in any art; as, a performer of the drama; a performer on the harp.


2015 film

Performer Synonyms

Performing Artist

Performer Rhymes

Dormer, Former, Stoermer, Stormer, Warmer

Informer, Performer, Reformer, Transformer


Spanish Translation

Performer in Spanish is Ejecutante

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Agnidev blesses the 'donor' and the performer of 'yagya-karma' with 'wealth of reputation'." - Sama Veda

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Just as the performer of 'yagya' is blessed with prosperity ,May we too be blessed in the same manner." - Sama Veda

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Who's to say that every performer should be a good actor? Why can't you just be yourself?" - Ed Harcourt

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