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Passed (IPA: /ˈpæst/)

Passed (imp. & p. p.)

of Pass



Passed Rhymes

Assed, Ast, Bast, Blast, Cast, Caste, Classed, Fast, Gassed, Gast, Glassed, Grassed, Hast, Kast, Last, Massed, Mast, Nast, Passed, Past, Rast, Vast

Aghast, Amassed, Contrast, Harassed, Lambaste, Miscast, Precast, Recast, Repast, Surpassed


Spanish Translation

Passed in Spanish is Pasado

Tagalog Translation

Passed in Tagalog is Dumaan

Example Sentence (Quote)

" America didn't have a drug problem before it passed drug laws." - L. Neil Smith

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Being once more forced to emigrate, they passed into Illinois, where they founded the famous 'City of Nauvoo.'" - Commerce of the Prairies

Example Sentence (Quote)

" But were there ever any Writhed not at passed joy?" - Joy

Example Sentence (Quote)

"El Duce: Well, no. Only peacefull rape. That's when the girl's passed out." - Eldon Hoke

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Healthy necrophilism found in the mementoes cherished in every household of those who passed away." - Necrophilia

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