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Ourselves (IPA: /aʊɝˈsɛɫvz/, /ɑɹˈsɛɫvz/)

Ourselves (pl. )

of Myself

Ourselves (pron.)

; sing. Ourself (/). An emphasized form of the pronoun of the first person plural; -- used as a subject, usually with we; also, alone in the predicate, in the nominative or the objective case.


Album by 7 Seconds

Ourselves Rhymes

Delves, Elves, Selves, Shelves

Themselves, Yourselves


Spanish Translation

Ourselves in Spanish is Nosotros Mismos

Tagalog Translation

Ourselves in Tagalog is Aming Sarili

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Art furnishes us with eyes and hands and above all the good conscience to be able to turn ourselves into such a phenomenon." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Example Sentence (Quote)

" But we, who name ourselves its sovereigns, we, Half dust, half deity, alike unfit To sink or soar." - Man

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Consider that we shouldn't call our brother a fool, since we don't know ourselves what we are." - Paracelsus

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Could we but turn upon ourselves the eyes With which we look on others, life would pass In one perpetual blush and smile." - Ethel Churchill (or The Two Brides)

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Death is the waiting-room where we robe ourselves for immortality." - Death

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