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Measles (IPA: /ˈmizəɫz/)

Measles (n.)

Leprosy; also, a leper.

Measles (n.)

A contagious febrile disorder commencing with catarrhal symptoms, and marked by the appearance on the third day of an eruption of distinct red circular spots, which coalesce in a crescentic form, are slightly raised above the surface, and after the fourth day of the eruption gradually decline; rubeola.

Measles (n.)

A disease of cattle and swine in which the flesh is filled with the embryos of different varieties of the tapeworm.

Measles (n.)

A disease of trees.

Measles (n.)

The larvae of any tapeworm (Taenia) in the cysticerus stage, when contained in meat. Called also bladder worms.


Viral disease affecting humans


Family name


Scientific article published in The Lancet


Scientific article published on 01 January 1998


Scientific article published on 01 July 1970

Measles Synonyms

Morbilli, Rubeola

Measles Rhymes

Diesels, Measles

Measles (Last Name / Surname)

Measles is the #84,136 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 223 people had that surname.

Spanish Translation

Measles in Spanish is Sarampión

Tagalog Translation

Measles in Tagalog is Tigdas

Example Sentence (Quote)

"... but at last Wendy just got through, with mumps reduced to twelve six, and the two kinds of measles treated as one." - Peter Pan

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