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Kissed (IPA: /ˈkɪst/)

Kissed (imp. & p. p.)

of Kiss


1996 film by Lynne Stopkewich


1922 film directed by King Baggot

Spanish Translation

Kissed in Spanish is Besado

Tagalog Translation

Kissed in Tagalog is Hinalikan

Example Sentence (Quote)

" [to Maddy] Well, off the record, I like to get kissed before I get fucked." - Blood Diamond (film)

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Babies also have a civil right not to be kissed by every passing politician." - Joe Higgins

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Hath the spirit of all beauty Kissed you in the path of duty?" - Duty

Example Sentence (Quote)

"I... it's that stupid frog! Kissed any princesses lately?!" - Chrono Trigger

Example Sentence (Quote)

"In the warm shadow of her loveliness ;"” He kissed her with his beams." - Sun

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