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Instrumental (IPA: /ˌɪnstɹəˈmɛnəɫ/, /ˌɪnstɹəˈmɛntəɫ/)

Instrumental (a.)

Acting as an instrument; serving as a means; contributing to promote; conductive; helpful; serviceable; as, he was instrumental in conducting the business.

Instrumental (a.)

Pertaining to, made by, or prepared for, an instrument, esp. a musical instrument; as, instrumental music, distinguished from vocal music.

Instrumental (a.)

Applied to a case expressing means or agency; as, the instrumental case. This is found in Sanskrit as a separate case, but in Greek it was merged into the dative, and in Latin into the ablative. In Old English it was a separate case, but has disappeared, leaving only a few anomalous forms.


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Instrumental Synonyms


Instrumental Synonyms

Implemental, Helpful, Subservient

Instrumental Rhymes

Dental, Gentle, Lentil, Mental, Rental, Sentell, Yentl, Benel, Dental, Fehnel, Fennel, Fennell, Gentle, Grenell, Haenel, Henle, Kennel, Kennell, Pennel, Pennell, Phenol, Quennel, Tennell, When'll

Judgemental, Judgmental, Parental, Pimental, Simental, Judgmental

Accidental, Compartmental, Continental, Departmental, Detrimental, Elemental, Fundamental, Governmental, Incidental, Incremental, Instrumental, Monumental, Occidental, Occidentale, Oriental, Ornamental, Regimental, Sentimental, Supplemental, Temperamental, Transcendental, Accidental, Continental, Departmental, Detrimental, Elemental, Fundamental, Incremental, Instrumental, Monumental, Occidental, Oriental, Sentimental, Supplemental, Transcendental
Coincidental, Developmental, Environmental, Experimental, Nongovernmental, Pancontinental, Transcontinental, Unsentimental, Developmental, Environmental, Experimental, Transcontinental

Tagalog Translation

Instrumental in Tagalog is Nakasangkapan

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Vocal music, instrumental music and Dance, all the three combined together is referred to as Tourya Trikam" - Carnatic music

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