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Informational (IPA: /ˌɪnfɝˈmeɪʃənəɫ/, /ɪnˈfɔɹˈmeɪʃənəɫ/)


ESRB video game content descriptor for games whose content provides information like facts or statistics to increase the knowledge of the user.

Informational Synonyms

Knowledge, Noesis, Cognition

Informational Rhymes

Foundational, Relational, Rotational, Sensational, Vocational
Aberrational, Computational, Conformational, Confrontational, Congregational, Connotational, Conversational, Educational, Generational, Gravitational, Informational, Inspirational, Invitational, Motivational, Navigational, Occupational, Operational, Recreational, Situational, Transformational

Spanish Translation

Informational in Spanish is Informativo

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