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Imbibe (IPA: /ɪmˈbaɪb/)

Imbibe (v. t.)

To drink in; to absorb; to suck or take in; to receive as by drinking; as, a person imbibes drink, or a sponge imbibes moisture.

Imbibe (v. t.)

To receive or absorb into the mind and retain; as, to imbibe principles; to imbibe errors.

Imbibe (v. t.)

To saturate; to imbue.


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Imbibe Synonyms

Sop Up, Suck, Take In, Suck In, Absorb, Soak Up, Draw, Draw In, Take Up, Suck Up

Imbibe Synonyms


Imbibe Synonyms

Drink Down, Drink Up, Drink


Imbibe in Spanish

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