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Illustrate (IPA: /ˈɪɫəˌstɹeɪt/)

Illustrate (v. t.)

To make clear, bright, or luminous.

Illustrate (v. t.)

To set in a clear light; to exhibit distinctly or conspicuously.

Illustrate (v. t.)

To make clear, intelligible, or apprehensible; to elucidate, explain, or exemplify, as by means of figures, comparisons, and examples.

Illustrate (v. t.)

To adorn with pictures, as a book or a subject; to elucidate with pictures, as a history or a romance.

Illustrate (v. t.)

To give renown or honor to; to make illustrious; to glorify.

Illustrate (a.)

Illustrated; distinguished; illustrious.

Illustrate Synonyms

Exemplify, Instance

Illustrate Rhymes


Spanish Translation

Illustrate in Spanish is Ilustrar

Tagalog Translation

Illustrate in Tagalog is Ipaliwanag

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Yet I shall temper so Justice with mercy, as may illustrate most Them fully satisfied, and thee appease." - Justice

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