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Hitting (IPA: /ˈhɪtɪŋ/)

Hitting (p. pr. & vb. n.)

of Hit

Hitting Synonyms

Hit, Striking

Hitting Rhymes

Bitting, Fitting, Flitting, Getting, Gritting, Hitting, Knitting, Pitting, Quitting, Sitting, Slitting, Spitting, Splitting, Whitting, Witting

Acquitting, Admitting, Befitting, Committing, Emitting, Omitting, Permitting, Refitting, Submitting, Transmitting, Unwitting

Resubmitting, Unremitting

Spanish Translation

Hitting in Spanish is Golpeando

Tagalog Translation

Hitting in Tagalog is Tira

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (after hitting a stop sign) Who put that there!?" - Inspector Gadget 2

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (panting) Guess I'm finally hitting my stride"" - Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2

Example Sentence (Quote)

" [To Neptune] D-do you even care about the girls you're hitting on? How they feel about you?"" - RWBY

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Ashes to ashes, funk to funky We know Major Tom's a junkie Strung out in heaven's high Hitting an all-time low" - Drugs

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Joseph Valente: No stopping, no messing around, no toilet breaks, just hitting it! Solid, yeah?" - The Apprentice (UK)

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