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Her (IPA: /ˈhɝ/, /hɝ/)

Her (pron. & a.)

The form of the objective and the possessive case of the personal pronoun she; as, I saw her with her purse out.

Her (pron. pl.)

Alt. of Here


Protein-coding gene in the species Drosophila melanogaster


2013 film by Spike Jonze




1999 song performed by Aaron Tippin


Family name

Her (Last Name / Surname)

Her is the #2,404 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 15,089 people had that surname.

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "You never know until you look ," said Nanny Ogg, expounding her own Uncertainty Principle. (p. 350)" - Discworld

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (After dropping off Penny to her doom) She has sixty seconds. [cackling]" - Inspector Gadget 2

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (after Mumble drives her away) Ugh! You stubborn, hippity-hoppity fool!" - Happy Feet

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (After slapping John's face on her wedding day) This is the happiest day of my life. I don't ever want you to forget it!" - Beaches (film)

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (At a press conference, protesting her innocence) I bet you want to know why I shot the bastard?" - Chicago (2002 film)


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