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Hello (IPA: /həˈɫoʊ/, /hɛˈɫoʊ/)

Hello (interj. & n.)

See Halloo.


Salutation or greeting


Swiss airline


2010 single by Martin Solveig


English band


1984 single by Lionel Richie

Hello Synonyms

Hullo, How-do-you-do, Hi, Howdy

HELLO (Acronym / Abbreviation)

High Energy Laser Light Opportunity

Hello Rhymes

Au, Aux, Beau, Beaux, Bleau, Blow, Blowe, Bo, Boe, Boeh, Bow, Bowe, Breau, Breault, Breaux, Bro, Broe, Browe, Chau, Cho, Choe, Cloe, Clow, Co, Co., Coe, Cro, Crow, Crowe, Dau, Doe, Doh, Dough, Eau, Flo, Floe, Flow, Flowe, Foe, Fro, Froh, Gau, Glo, Gloe, Glow, Go, Goe, Gogh, Goh, Gro, Groh, Grow, Growe, Ho, Hoe, Hoh, Jo, Joe, Joh, Know, Ko, Koh, Krogh, Kroh, Krowe, Kyo, Lo, Loe, Loew, Loewe, Loh, Low, Lowe, Luo, M'bow, Mau, Meaux, Mo, Moe, Mow, Nau, Neault, Ngo, No, Noe, Noh, O, O', O., Oh, Ow, Owe, Plough, Po, Poe, Poh, Pro, Queau, Quo, Reaux, Rheault, Rho, Ro, Roe, Roh, Rohe, Row, Rowe, Schau, Sew, Sgro, Show, Sloe, Slow, Snow, Snowe, So, Sow, Stow, Stowe, Stroh, Strow, Tho, Though, Throw, Toe, Tow, Towe, Trow, Tso, Vo, Whoa, Wo, Woe, Wroe, Yau, Yo, Yoe, Yoh, Zoh

Aglow, Ago, Although, Arnaud, Arnault, Badeau, Badeaux, Barbeau, Beaudreau, Bebeau, Begnaud, Belleau, Below, Bestow, Bibeau, Bibeault, Bio, Biscoe, Blincoe, Boileau, Boisseau, Bonneau, Bordeau, Bordeaux, Boudreau, Boudreaux, Bourbeau, Bourdeau, Bourgault, Brancheau, Brasseaux, Brazeau, Brideau, Brosseau, Brousseau, Bruneau, Brusseau, Budreau, Buteau, Cabo, Campeau, Chabot, Champeau, Changsho, Chateau, Chateaux, Chenault, Cointreau, Comeau, Comeaux, Compeau, Cousteau, Crepeau, Croteau, Crotteau, Daignault, Daigneault, Davao, Davault, Deboe, Dedeaux, Defoe, Denault, Deneau, Deneault, Devault, Devaux, Deveau, Deveaux, Devoe, Drapeau, Dubeau, Dufault, Dussault, Dusseau, Dusseault, Enloe, Enlow, Enslow, Escoe, Escrow, Facteau, Faucheux, Faurot, Fauteux, Favreau, Fecteau, Forego, Forgo, Fregeau, Furlaud, Garceau, Gareau, Garneau, Gaudreau, Gauthreaux, Gautreau, Gautreaux, Gauvreau, Gendreau, Georgiou, Gibeau, Gibeault, Giraud, Goudeau, Goudreau, Groleau, Guilbault, Guilbeau, Guilbeault, Guilbeaux, Guillot, Hello, Hurteau, Hwang-ho, Inco, Inlow, Inscoe, Jacquot, Jandreau, Jarreau, Kayo, Kowtow, Labeau, Lafoe, Lambreau, Lareau, Laveau, Lebeau, Lebow, Ledlow, Legault, Leleux, Lettau, Lheureux, Lienau, Lozeau, Malveaux, Manseau, Marceau, Marceaux, Margaux, Mayeux, Michaud, Michaux, Micheaux, Migneault, Mineau, Miro, Monceaux, Mongeau, Monroe, Moreau, Morneau, Morneault, Mousseau, Munro, Nadeau, Nedeau, Neveau, Nouveau, Outgrow, Papo, Pernod, Perot, Perreault, Peugeot, Pineau, Plateau, Primeau, Primeaux, Pruneau, Rambeau, Renaud, Renault, Reneau, Rideau, Rideaux, Riendeau, Rondeau, Rougeau, Rouleau, So-so, Soileau, Sterno, Tableau, Tableaux, Tarot, Tebeau, Tetreault, Thebeau, Thibault, Thibeau, Thibeaux, Thiebaud, Thoreau, Thurnau, Tondreau, Trudeau, Truffaut, Turbot, Ungo, Uno, Valleau, Van-gogh, Veilleux, Viau, Vieau, Vienneau, Vigneau, Vigneault

Apropos, Eeo, Imo, Ivo, Overflow, Pinsoneault, Taekwondo, Tallyho, Theriault, Therriault, Tourtelot, Tyo, Undergo


Spanish Translation

Hello in Spanish is Hola

Tagalog Translation

Hello in Tagalog is Halo

Example Sentence (Quote)

" [To team RWBY before leaving on their first mission] Why, hello girls! Who's ready to fight for their lives?"" - RWBY

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Chief Supt. Strange: Hello Morse, bearing up are we?" - Inspector Morse (TV series)

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Hello American sailor; hello freedom man." - United States Navy

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Henry Bowers: Hello nigger. I'm here to pay you back. I'll pay you all back." - It (1990 film)

Example Sentence (Quote)

"If you're in a Gay Mafia and you get whacked, is that good or bad? [gay voice] Say hello to my little friend." - Larry the Cable Guy

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