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Guarantees (IPA: /ˌɡɛɹənˈtiz/)

Guarantees (pl. )

of Guarantee


Type of bank loan with payment guarantee


Legal term


Legal term in filmmaking contracts

Guarantees Rhymes

B's, B .'s, B .s, Beas, Bee's, Bees, Beese, Bes, Brees, Breese, Breeze, Briese, C's, C .'s, C .s, Cees, Cheese, Crees, D's, D .'s, D .s, Deas, Dee's, Dees, Deese, Deis, Drees, Dreese, Dreis, E's, E .'s, E .s, Ease, Fees, Feese, Fleas, Flees, Freas, Frease, Freeh's, Frees, Freese, Freeze, Freis, Frese, Friese, Frieze, Friis, G's, G .'s, G .s, Gee's, Geez, Gies, Glees, Greis, Griese, He's, Hees, Heese, Jeez, Keas, Kee's, Kees, Keese, Key's, Keyes, Keyes', Keys, Klee's, Klees, Knees, Kreis, Kriese, Leas, Lee's, Lees, Li's, Liese, Mease, Mees, Meis, Neas, Nease, Nees, Neese, Neis, Niese, P's, P .'s, P .s, Peas, Pease, Pleas, Please, Plese, Preas, Preis, Reas, Rees, Reis, Riese, Saez, Sea's, Seas, Sease, Sees, Seese, Seize, She's, Sies, Skees, Skis, Sleaze, Sneeze, Speas, Spease, Spees, Spiess, Sprees, Squeeze, Stees, T's, T .'s, T .s, Teas, Tease, Tees, These, Thies, Three's, Threes, Trease, Trees, Treese, V's, V .'s, V .s, Vees, Vries, Wease, Weese, Wheeze, Wiese, Yeas, Z's, Z .'s, Zeese, Zeis

Agrees, Andries, Appease, Ashis, Aziz, Belize, Bibi's, Brunjes, Burmese, C .d .s, Cadiz, Capri's, Ccs, Cds, Chemise, Chinese, Decrees, Defrees, Defries, Degrees, Disease, Displease, Draftees, Duvrees, Esprit's, Faries, Fejes, Foresees, Francies, Furches, Hardee's, Jaycees, Lessees, Louise, Maltese, Marie's, Mcclees, Mcgee's, Mckee's, Mclees, Mcnease, Mcnees, Menees, Nestle's, Ortiz, Pawnees, Reprise, Ruiz, Rupees, Scorsese, Sinise, Talese, Trainees, Trapeze, Trustee's, Trustees, Trustees', Tt's, Unease, Vertrees

Abductees, Absentees, Abts, Adoptees, Amputees, Annamese, Apc's, Appointees, Aujourd'hui's, Balinese, Cantonese, Conferees, Delouis, Deportees, Designees, Detainees, Devotees, Disagrees, Enlistees, Enrollees, Escapees, Expertise, Franchisees, Franchisees', Guarantee's, Guarantees, Guaranties, Guaranty's, Honorees, Inductees, Internees, Japanese, Javanese, Jeanlouis, Journalese, Licensees, Nepalese, Nominee's, Nominees, Overseas, Parolees, Referee's, Referees, Resignees, Retiree's, Retirees, Retirees', Returnees, Rwandese, Siamese, Sinhalese, Stds, Sudanese, Taiwanese, Tennessee's, Timorese, Underseas

Abdulaziz, Indochinese, Interviewees, Lapd's

Spanish Translation

Guarantees in Spanish is Garantías

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The Soviet constitution guarantees everyone a job. A pretty scary idea, I'd say." - P. J. O'Rourke

Example Sentence (Quote)

" There are no guarantees in the future. That's why TODAY, the time we have now, is important." - Final Fantasy VIII

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