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Finance (IPA: /ˈfaɪˌnæns/, /fəˈnæns/, /fɪˈnæns/)

Finance (n.)

The income of a ruler or of a state; revennue; public money; sometimes, the income of an individual; often used in the plural for funds; available money; resources.

Finance (n.)

The science of raising and expending the public revenue.


Academic discipline studying businesses and investments


German term: includes all economic sub-areas that deal with finances


Functional constituency in Hong Kong elections


Board game


Slovenian newspaper

FINANCE (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Department of Finance and Deregulation

Finance Rhymes

Anse, Chance, Crance, Dance, France, Glance, Hance, Lance, Mance, Nance, Prance, Rance, Schanz, Schranz, Stance, Trance, Vance

Advance, Askance, Duran's, Enhance, Expanse, Finance, Lafrance, Mccance, Romance, Finance

Pomerance, Pomeranz, Refinance, Refinance


Spanish Translation

Finance in Spanish is Finanzas

Tagalog Translation

Finance in Tagalog is Pamimilak

Example Sentence (Quote)

" American capitalism has helped finance the communist take over of the world. Somebody is going to answer to God for this." - Kent Hovind

Example Sentence (Quote)

"Mr. President, in so far as special and general provisions. Your committee on Finance proposes the following." - Francis Escudero

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The best scheme of finance is, to spend as little as possible; and the best tax is always the lightest." - Jean-Baptiste Say

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The world of finance is a mysterious world in which, incredible as the fact may appear, evaporation precedes liquidation." - Joseph Conrad

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