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Explain (IPA: /ɪksˈpɫeɪn/)

Explain (a.)

To flatten; to spread out; to unfold; to expand.

Explain (a.)

To make plain, manifest, or intelligible; to clear of obscurity; to expound; to unfold and illustrate the meaning of; as, to explain a chapter of the Bible.

Explain (v. i.)

To give an explanation.

Explain Synonyms


Explain Synonyms


Explain Synonyms

Synonyms: []}

Explain Rhymes

Aine, Ayn, Bain, Baine, Bane, Bayne, Blain, Blaine, Blane, Blayne, Brain, Cain, Caine, Cane, Cayne, Chain, Cheyne, Crain, Craine, Crane, Crayne, Dain, Dane, Dayne, Deign, Drain, Draine, Drane, Duan, Duane, Dwayne, Fain, Fane, Fayne, Feign, Fein, Frain, Fraine, Frane, Frayn, Frayne, Frein, Freyne, Gain, Grain, Grein, Hahne, Hain, Hane, Hayn, Hayne, Heyn, Heyne, Jain, Jane, Jayne, Kain, Kaine, Kane, Kayne, Krain, Krane, Krein, Lain, Laine, Lane, Layne, Ln, Main, Maine, Mane, Mayne, Meyn, Paign, Pain, Paine, Pane, Payne, Plain, Plane, Quain, Rain, Raine, Rayne, Reign, Rein, Reine, Sain, Saine, Sane, Shain, Shaine, Shane, Shayne, Slain, Slaine, Slane, Spain, Splain, Splaine, Sprain, Stain, Strain, Swain, Swaine, Swayne, Thain, Thaine, Thane, Thayne, Train, Trane, Twain, Vain, Vane, Vein, Veyne, Vrain, Wain, Wane, Wayne, Zane

Abstain, Again, Ahlen, Alain, Alaine, Alane, Alayne, Allain, Amain, Arcane, Arraign, Attain, Bahrain, Beauchaine, Biscayne, Brattain, Buntain, Butane, Campaign, Champagne, Champaign, Champlain, Charlayne, Charmain, Charmaine, Chastain, Cocaine, Complain, Constrain, Contain, Costain, Courchaine, Dahrain, Decrane, Defrain, Delaine, Demain, Deschaine, Despain, Detain, Devane, Dewayne, Disdain, Domain, Domaine, Duchaine, Dufrane, Dumaine, Duquesne, Dushane, Duwayne, Elaine, Elane, Elayne, Explain, Fontaine, Fountaine, Galane, Germain, Germaine, Germane, Helane, Hossain, Humane, Hussain, Hussein, Iain, Inane, Ingrain, Insane, Jermaine, Jyishane, Kahane, Laraine, Lehane, Lennane, Lorain, Loraine, Lorraine, Maclaine, Maclean, Maintain, Mcbain, Mcbane, Mccain, Mccane, Mcclain, Mcclaine, Mcclane, Mcgrain, Mcgrane, Mcguane, Mckain, Mckane, Mclain, Mclane, Mclean, Mcquain, Mcshane, Mcswain, Mcwain, Morain, Moraine, Mundane, Mustain, Obtain, Ordain, Partain, Pertain, Profane, Refrain, Regain, Remain, Restrain, Retain, Retrain, Rogaine, Romain, Romaine, Ruane, Sartain, Serbaine, Spokane, Sustain, Sylvain, Terrain, Tirane, Torain, Tremaine, Tulane, Ukraine, Uptain, Urbain, Urbane, Yeargain

Aquitaine, Ascertain, Entertain, Inhumane, Lafountain, Lafountaine, Lamontagne, Overtrain, Preordain, St_germain, St_germaine


Spanish Translation

Explain in Spanish is Explique

Tagalog Translation

Explain in Tagalog is Ipaliwanag

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (as Moe tries to explain Pig Latin)" - Three Stooges

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (In spanish) Someone explain what's going on." - Fictional last words in internet series

Example Sentence (Quote)

" [After the Doctor leaves] Can someone explain to me what's going on, please?" - Lego Dimensions

Example Sentence (Quote)

" [After trying to explain to Roxas about the need for Xion's dissolution] Why can't you understand..." - Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Always be prepared to explain the hows and whys." - Science

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