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Expeditious (IPA: /ˌɛkspəˈdɪʃəs/)

Expeditious (a.)

Possessed of, or characterized by, expedition, or efficiency and rapidity in action; performed with, or acting with, expedition; quick; having celerity; speedily; as, an expeditious march or messenger.

Expeditious Synonyms

Prompt, Timesaving, Efficient

Expeditious Rhymes


Ambitious, Auspicious, Capricious, Delicious, Factitious, Fictitious, Judicious, Malicious, Nutritious, Pernicious, Propitious, Seditious, Suspicious

Aloysius, Expeditious, Inauspicious, Injudicious, Repetitious, Superstitious, Surreptitious

Spanish Translation

Expeditious in Spanish is Expeditivo

Tagalog Translation

Expeditious in Tagalog is Madali

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