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Exhibitions (IPA: /ˌɛksəˈbɪʃənz/)


Organized presentation and display of a selection of items or pictures


Type of scholarship award or bursary


Album by Quentin Mosimann


1975 film by Jean-François Davy


Compilation album by Gary Numan

Exhibitions Rhymes

Mission's, Missions

Additions, Admissions, Ambitions, Auditions, Clinicians, Commission's, Commissions, Conditions, Edition's, Editions, Emissions, Magicians, Munitions, Musician's, Musicians, Musicians', Omissions, Opticians, Partitions, Patricians, Permissions, Petitions, Physician's, Physicians, Physicians' Positions, Remissions, Renditions, Submissions, Suspicions, Tacticians, Technician's, Technicians, Traditions, Transitions, Transmissions, Tuitions

Acquisition's, Acquisitions, Admonitions, Ammunitions, Apparitions, Coalition's, Coalitions, Competition's, Competitions, Compositions, Definitions, Depositions, Dietitian's, Dietitians, Dispositions, Electricians, Electricians', Exhibitions, Expeditions, Expositions, Inhibitions, Intermissions, Obstetricians, Opposition's, Politician's, Politicians, Politicians', Preconditions, Prohibition's, Prohibitions, Propositions, Recognition's, Repetitions, Rhetoricians, Statisticians, Superstitions, Suppositions
Academicians, Geriatricians, Juxtapositions, Mathematicians, Pediatricians, Predispositions, Theoreticians

Spanish Translation

Exhibitions in Spanish is Exposiciones

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