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Espouse (IPA: /ɪˈspaʊs/, /ɪˈspaʊz/)

Espouse (v. t.)

To betroth; to promise in marriage; to give as spouse.

Espouse (v. t.)

To take as spouse; to take to wife; to marry.

Espouse (v. t.)

To take to one's self with a view to maintain; to make one's own; to take up the cause of; to adopt; to embrace.

Espouse Synonyms

Adopt, Follow

Espouse Synonyms

Adopt, Embrace, Sweep Up

Espouse Synonyms

Marry, Get Married, Wed, Conjoin, Get Hitched With, Hook Up With


Espouse in Spanish

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Eschew Obfuscation! Espouse Elucidation!" - Anonymous

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