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Erudition (IPA: /ˌɛɹəˈdɪʃən/)

Erudition (n.)

The act of instructing; the result of thorough instruction; the state of being erudite or learned; the acquisitions gained by extensive reading or study; particularly, learning in literature or criticism, as distinct from the sciences; scholarship.


Profound knowledge

Erudition Synonyms

Encyclopaedism, Encyclopedism, Eruditeness, Scholarship, Learning, Learnedness

Erudition Rhymes

Britian, Fission, Mission, Titian, Wishon

Addition, Admission, Ambition, Attrition, Audition, Clinician, Cognition, Commision, Commission, Condition, Contrition, Dentition, Edition, Emission, Fruition, Ignition, Logician, Magician, Mccuistion, Mortician, Munition, Musician, Nutrition, Omission, Optician, Partition, Patrician, Permission, Petition, Physician, Position, Recission, Remission, Rendition, Sedition, Submission, Suspicion, Tactician, Technician, Tradition, Transition, Transmission, Tuition, Volition

Abolition, Acquisition, Admonition, Ammunition, Apparition, Coalition, Competition, Composition, Daffynition, Decommission, Definition, Demolition, Deposition, Dietitian, Disposition, Electrician, Erudition, Exhibition, Expedition, Exposition, Extradition, Fondkommission, Imposition, Inhibition, Inquisition, Intermission, Intuition, Malnutrition, Obstetrician, Opposition, Politician, Precondition, Preignition, Premonition, Prohibition, Proposition, Recognition, Recondition, Repetition, Reposition, Requisition, Retransmission, Rhetorician, Statistician, Superstition, Supposition
Academician, Decomposition, Geriatrician, Juxtaposition, Mathematician, Pediatrician, Predisposition, Presupposition, Redefinition, Redeposition, Reimposition, Theoretician

Spanish Translation

Erudition in Spanish is Erudición

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