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Ended (IPA: /ˈɛndəd/, /ˈɛndɪd/)

Ended (imp. & p. p.)

of End

Ended Synonyms

Concluded, Finished, Terminated, Over, All Over, Complete

Ended Rhymes

Bended, Blended, Ended, Fended, Mended, Pended, Splendid, Tended, Trended

Amended, Appended, Ascended, Attended, Befriended, Commended, Contended, Defended, Depended, Descended, Distended, Expended, Extended, Intended, Offended, Pretended, Suspended, Transcended

Apprehended, Comprehended, Recommended, Reoffended, Unamended, Unattended, Unintended

Spanish Translation

Ended in Spanish is Terminó

Tagalog Translation

Ended in Tagalog is Nagwakas

Example Sentence (Quote)

" [The Doolittle Air Raid on Tokyo in April 1942] ended the debate... as to whether Midway was to be attacked." - World War II

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A friendship that can be ended didn't ever start." - Friendship

Example Sentence (Quote)

" All these people who say they are pro-life at least we would see how many lives are being ended out there by abortions." - Stacey Campfield

Example Sentence (Quote)

" All tragedies are finish'd by a death, All comedies are ended by a marriage." - Don Juan (Byron)

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Damn, no more of that [When both partner/player has ended the battle with their HP near critical]" - The World Ends with You

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