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Empower (IPA: /ɪmˈpaʊɝ/)

Empower (v. t.)

To give authority to; to delegate power to; to commission; to authorize (having commonly a legal force); as, the Supreme Court is empowered to try and decide cases, civil or criminal; the attorney is empowered to sign an acquittance, and discharge the debtor.

Empower (v. t.)

To give moral or physical power, faculties, or abilities to.


Chromatography software developed by Waters Corporation



Empower Synonyms

Authorize, Authorise

Empower Synonyms

Indue, Gift, Endue, Invest, Endow

Empower Rhymes

Auer, Bauer, Baur, Bougher, Bower, Brauer, Brougher, Brower, Clower, Cower, Dauer, Dour, Flour, Flower, Gauer, Glower, Gower, Grauer, Hauer, Hour, How're, Hower, Kauer, Klauer, Knauer, Lauer, Mauer, Nauer, Our, Plower, Power, Rauer, Sauer, Schauer, Scour, Shower, Sour, Tauer, Tower, Trower, Vower

Devour, Empower

Mph, Overpower, Superpower, Underpower

Spanish Translation

Empower in Spanish is Autorizar

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Makenshi: Do not seek strength simply to fight. Your heart will only empower Chaos." - Final Fantasy Unlimited

Example Sentence (Quote)

" She never made fun of people with disabilities; she tried to empower them based on their abilities." - Bill Clinton

Example Sentence (Quote)

"We need to empower everybody, not one person, not almost everybody, but everybody." - Rahul Gandhi

Example Sentence (Quote)

"We want to empower women and encourage women and to develop civil societies so women can benefit." - George W. Bush

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